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Titanium Jewelry and Necklaces

Gift your loved one ornately designed titanium jewelry

One metal that is making quite a buzz in the jewelry industry is Titanium. Moreover, its combination with diamonds has certainly made it a rage in the ever so conscious fashion industry. However, moving beyond the superficial, another major advantage of titanium as a metal is that it is not only scratch proof but at the same time is highly durable and everlasting.

Leveraging big time on the high elegance and beauty quotient of titanium, we at Fashion Jewelery King, have come out with a wide range of titanium jewelery that is ornately designed and carved to precision by our master craftsmen and artisans. Using their expertise to the core, they have turned a metal previously used for making spacecraft and aircraft machineries into brilliantly crafted diamond encrusted titanium rings and bracelets.

Bespoke design and premium quality go hand in hand

Our bespoke range of titanium jewelry is crafted out of pure titanium which is considered as thirty percent stronger than steel and fifty percent lighter than steel. What's more, the Titanium jewelry offered by us has not only got a distinctive color and appearance but has its own unique sheen and sparkle that is very different from traditional metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

For when compared to white gold and platinum, titanium comes in a rather distinctive natural gray hue. Available in a matte finish, the finished jewelry exudes a charm and dazzle that truly makes it unique and beautiful.

Distinctive properties of Titanium Jewelry

Well, discussing about the properties of Titanium jewelry would be something one would be least interested in. But somehow only these properties make Titanium jewelry into the finest piece of jewelry one would ever come across. To further dwell on it Titanium jewelry is held in high esteem because it is considered to be free from Nickel, is hypoallergenic, free from the effects of corrosion, perspiration and the damage which can be caused by acid.

One of the reasons again why titanium necklaces and jewelry are preferred by those having skin and allergy issues. And among all our available collection of titanium jewelry, titanium necklaces, rings and bracelets have left every jewelry lover mesmerized. All the more, the inimitable range of jewelry has the potential to match and exceed every requirement of a client.